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The IUHPS is the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science. It is a member union of ICSU, the International Council for Science. It consists of two Divisions: the Division of History of Science and Technology (DHST) and the Division of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (DLMPS). The administration of the IUHPS passes between the Divisions every two years. Currently (at least until the elections at the DHST General Assembly at the end of July 2013) the officers are as follows:

  • President. Elliott SOBER (U.S.A.; President, DLMPS)
  • Vice President. Efthymios NICOLAIDIS (Greece; President, DHST)
  • Secretary General. Peter SCHROEDER-HEISTER (Germany; Secretary General, DLMPS)
  • Treasurer. Peter SCHROEDER-HEISTER (Germany; Acting Treasurer, DLMPS)
  • DHST contact for ICSU business Annette VOGT (Germany)
  • DLMPS contact for ICSU business Wilfrid HODGES (U.K.)

According to its Statutes (1962), the objectives of the IUHPS are

  1. to establish contacts among historians and philosophers of science and institutions, societies, journals etc. devoted to these or related disciplines;
  2. to collect documents useful for the development of the history of science and of logic, methodology and philosophy of science;
  3. to take all steps deemed necessary or useful for the spread and organisation of research in the areas of history of science, philosophy of science and related disciplines;
  4. to organize International Congresses of History of Science and International Congresses of Philosophy of Science together with International Colloquia;
  5. to contribute to maintaining the unity of science in general and to the establishment of links between the different branches of human knowledge;
  6. to strive to encourage contacts between those historians, philosophers and scholars who are concerned with the problems of methodology and foundations that arise from their respective disciplines.

In practice these activities are carried out entirely by the two Divisions as independent organisations which cooperate where appropriate. At present 49 national members, 13 commissions and 3 independent sections adhere to the DHST, and 38 member committees and 4 commissions to the DLMPS. The two divisions share two of their commissions; the DHST also has 5 Inter-Union Commissions. Some historical information is here.